Mission Statement

The Uniontown Co-Operative Association is a financially strong, farmer-owned organization whose purpose is to store, market, and process its patrons’ agricultural products and provide other beneficial supplies and services to its patrons. We intend to fulfill our purpose competitively while remaining a profitable and financially strong organization.



Continue to remain independent and sustainable, while offering the services needed to make our patrons successful.


Core Values

Loyalty to Members

Transparency and Integrity

Fast, Effective, Efficient

Personalized Service

Forward Thinking

Patronage Return

Robust Infrastructure

Maintain Independence

  • Three locations (Uniontown, Leon, Lewiston).
  • Ability to unload semi's in five pits in Uniontown, and one pit at Leon.
  • Lots of small to medium bin space.
  • 110 ft scales to accommodate semi trucks.
  • Member/owner: Lewis-Clark Terminal Assn. with equal representation.

  • Ability to market cash or forward contract grain sales.
  • Ability to provide hedge to arrive and basis fixed contracts.
  • Off coast charges include all charges.
  • do not carry a Grain Position, so we are not in competition with the grower.
  • Marketing Club, which is facilitated by an experienced Grain Merchandiser.

  • Modern Seed Plant with New Treater and Gravity Table.
  • Competitive Seed prices.
  • Ability to get Seed varieties you need.

Patronage Revolve
  • Back Patronage: 7 1/2 Year Revolve.
  • 10-Year Average Dividend Paid: 13 cents per bushel.

  • 134 Years of Combined Experience.
  • Emphasis on Personalized Service.
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff.

Construction Continues!